Keep 20 Years Experience Working For US!

32 years ago Mickey could no longer sit by and listen to politicians say one thing and then do another. He was determined to get involved and make a difference.  Through the years he has been able to recruit teams of teenagers and young adults to get involved in the process. Mickey first caught the eye of his party's leaders when he pulled up to campaign headquarters with a bus load of teenagers ready to go door-to-door for Ronald Reagan.

Mickey was first elected to public office while in his 20s.  Then in his early 30s he was elected to the Quorum Court.  Many of the 20 years as Justice of the Peace he was the youngest member and was in the minority party.  Despite those challenges Mickey continued to be one of the outspoken leaders in Garland County government.

Mickey has been willing to stand up against the state and federal government. He has challenged them when they have overstepped their boundaries. He will not shrink back just because some bureaucrat gives his opinion. He believes that many regulations passed down to us are intrusive, destructive and even wrong. Mickey's opposition to Obamacare and the government's forcing business to comply with it is one example where he believes government has overstepped its boundaries. 

Mickey believes government has been instituted among men for 3 simple reasons.  1...Protect LIFE, 2... Protect Liberty, and 3... Protect our right to pursue happiness.  However to Mickey it seems that government now is in the business of not only condoning the taking of innocent life but is now through Obamacare requiring the funding of it. It also seems that some in government are determined to take our liberties and fulfill the impossible task of trying to make everyone happy. 

Through the years many people have encourage Mickey to run for higher office. He believes that Garland County is being governed better now than any time in the past. He is confident that the Quorum Court will continue being conservative with handling of county monies. Mickey is now ready to go to Little Rock and fight to make state government reasonable and responsible. He will fight to restore the 10 amendment (States' rights vs federal rights).

There are those who talk about change and their desire to see it. Then there are those who have been fighting for those changes for more than 30 years! Mickey has been there in the past!!! Mickey is there now leading the way! KEEP MICKEY WORKING FOR US TOMORROW!